ca trials 20/1

yesterday was pretty much a crazy day. having to deliberate over candidates and cancel them out was a really distressing process, knowing the fact that these are good people- youths who were passionate about social reforms. its truly precious, and its just sad how the reality of competition rejects them. i do hope they would not take this rejection as an attack against their genuine compassion.

being able to seat through this round of interviews and listening to them was really an honor. there were so many of them who were already actively participating and initiating causes bigger than themselves, and driving it through with so much zest and sincerity. its very inspiring, and at some points, it dawned on to me what puts me in this higher position to judge them even?

their passion and vitality reminded me to stay in tact with my passion too, because i do admit that there were periods of time when im lost in the work and forget why im doing all of these in the first place. i get lost in getting things done, i allow work that im passionate about to feel like a burden, but they just reminded me to be grounded to my passion and strive through this last few months that are left and cherish people in this cca because its honestly so valuable that we found each other, and through this, we found ourselves.



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