Materialistic Love


love acts like money,

distributing itself practically.

Love comes from one’s capacity,

so don’t expect to receive a love

prescribed according to your wishes.

But when love arrives,

do invite her well.

But when love arrives in a premature size,

don’t doubt yourself.

Don’t question your worth

when someone you expect

to provide for you

could only give you a quarter of love others get.

Maybe she’s poor.

This is all she could do.

She may be too caught up with trying to fix herself.

Don’t think that you are ‘wrong’,

‘Wrong’ to feel what you feel,

‘Wrong’ to think that you were the victim.

Don’t silence your carpentry of expression,

just cause you think you’re not hurt enough,

not suffering enough,

not enough.

Don’t count your value

on someone else’s ability to take care of themselves.

Shift your lenses to yourself,

this body,

this life.

Take care of this burnt house.

Keep rebuilding.

And when love arrives

on her occasional door-knocking,

invite her well,

while not expecting

a long stay.



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