Tugging along my lazy heart,

I wrenched out my Chemistry ten-year series.

I put my phone away,

telling myself, enough of poetry.

I could not do it.

Numbers and equations suddenly seems so detached,

from the world of words that swirl around my head.

Words that knocks on society’s conscience,

words that wake you up,

words that challenges,


the apparently tabooed.


is a place of learning,

but why do I feel so constrained?

Mundane routines

plagued our daily 9 hours schedules.

We practice



till all we know is how to place the ‘right’ words on lines,

framed into margins.


becomes an industry

that drills us continuously,

to keep the senseless hierarchy.

They say no one is dumb,

but they circulate papers among the elites,

called it confidentiality,

but that is simply exclusion.


does not teach love and acceptance,

it only tells us so.

School ensues the silence,

the silence that kills so many people’s souls.

School follows the syllabus,

carefully compiled sensitive topics that need to be talked about,

and too-sensitive topics that need not be talked about.

It’s confusing,

defining sensitivity becomes a contradictory stance.


is a filter,

letting those struggling with their self-perception

those ‘problematic’ kids,

slip through the cracks,

and groom what’s left,

blossoming their ‘talents’ and ‘potential’.


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