Life’s relativity

7am in the morning I woke up

fresh from a good night’s sleep.

went out to taste the cool air

and some Mcdonalds breakfast-

hash brown on the side to satisfy my gluttony.

this routine I practice,

too used to it,

too much indifference.

then I picked up the papers,

and it hit me.

on the other side of the world

people pronounce their last words,

on footages

families torn apart abruptly,

by news on a screen,

then comes the wave of photography and endless questions,

cameras zoom to their leaking grief.

the suddenness of it all is hard to swallow,

and they dread the word ‘authentic’.

the method- beheading.

I wonder what drove a being

to kill another,

with a knife impossibly short you can imagine the prolonged process.

what went wrong in man

to stain his hands with foreign blood,

to saw through vessels,

while bearing the sounds of agonies.

to think when all this happen,

I am hacking through the firm chicken breast,

for my next meal.

the disparity I cannot grasp,

why am I here in such stagnant peace?

living in a bubble of stability,

while on the other side,

people are bent to the will of brutality?

I am guilty of moving on,

to continue by feigned ignorance.

they say they do it for religion,

a reason I could never understand.

perhaps I do not understand,

but don’t we all bleed red blood?

Is there nothing else to do but pray?

but it seemed my prayers did not reach.

now sitting here in front of my laptop,

typing this post,

simply to relief the helplessness.

what is the purpose of it all?

deepest condolences to the suffering..

I am breathing,

mum’s preparing lunch in the kitchen,

I am lucky.

but this self-awakening,

feels selfish.

I do not know.

prayers to the captives,

and prayers to the souls of hatred..

perhaps Life for some is a facade,

that has not yet been distorted.


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