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Coming Out:

So so proud of Conner. It must be so hard for those 22years.. nobody deserve to go through such self-torture forced by stigmatisation.
my deepest prayers to those still living in fear. I will never be able to fully understand what you are going through. but it is the darkest times that brings out the gift of empathy and acceptence of one. please hold on to hope..
its really heartwarming to see the numerous supportive responses.
its funny why there have been so many discussions on this issue.
exactly like what Conner said, one’s sexuality is really just one , single, tiny part of a person, a human being. there is so much more to be human than a weightless label.
I do not know what else to say.
so ill end with a few quotes that goes out to everyone.

‘Everybody’s journey is an individual. If you fall in love with a boy, you fall in love with a boy. The fact that (some people) consider it a disease says more about them than homosexuality.’ -James Baldwin

‘The day we stop resisting our instincts, we’ll have learned to live. ‘ – Ferderico Garicia Lorca


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