Optimistic Starvation

All hail the King!
He who eats a fistful of rice,
freeing grains to fill our empty bellies.

Oh this dreadful famine!
What bad fortune bestow this upon
our improverished souls.

But we are fortunate and grateful,
for our King is sharing our spoils,
moving together onward.

Our Southern neighbour is pitiful.
They bent over grains splattered on the rocky grounds.
How unfortunate their ‘Government’
could not care less.
Truly reccommend the book ‘Dear Leader’ by Jang Jin-Sung, a once North Korea’s senior propagandist who had escaped and lived to tell his life in the regime!
The poem is how I imagined the North Koreans felt during the famine period.
There was literally a slogan which goes something like ‘Kim Jong-Un’s fistful of rice’ circulating during the famine. This was why Mr. Jang felt very disenchanted when he saw the King eating in abundance at his palace.
Mr. Jang also talks about how they fabricated lies that the state of South Korea is much worse compared to theirs, so much so when he escaped to South Korea, he was so shocked at what he sees.


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