Dear Church,

I may not be a member of you,

neither am I very religious,

but what I do know is that

Religion is good,

and universal love is good,

so they probably come as a pair.

Correct me if I’m myopic

in my understanding  that love

should be unconditional,

a two-way exchange,

weaving stitches between our intimate souls.

Love should not come with a list of conditions,

not something that when you sign off,

means you have to give up self.

Because love is being free,

it cannot be contained by the corners of a paper,

it cannot be defined of what’s right and wrong,

leaving one to drown in doubts,

having to question one’s beliefs,

and carefully manipulating their ‘instrinsically disordered’ desires so that

they bent to your notion.

Love should not end up in hating yourself,

because you love Him.

Many a times we forget that universal love also comes with a

first person narrative,

‘I’ ‘Me’, not just ‘them’ ‘everyone (else)’.

One cannot possibly love a package,

but abhor the contents of it.

They make up one.

Empty it will leave it meaningless,

losing all its purpose of landing on your doorstep that faithful morning,

so that one day it will be


to the corners of your Home,

so that when its disintegrating,

you would not even notice.

And even when you do,

you would try so hard to erase the rust stains,

only to leave scars on its skin.

I beg of you,

you cannot change who they are,

so discard the labels,

discard what you think mean behind the labels.

Embrace them as people.

It is not a choice.

Why would anyone choose to live in a closet,

Bringing in the walls with their own hands,

only to leave a tiny gap,

in fear of becoming totally invisible?

Did we choose to be straight?

I guess not.

Perhaps its God’s ways.

But all I know is,

God loves His children.

So please, do not distort that assurance.


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