A night is not an end

Words on a blackboard


The night is here. It brings us stars that dip in our path,
It brings us dark inside the world of our mind.
It takes the dreams we have and lets them fall or fly,
It takes the thoughts and leaves us all in light.
It makes the souls wander and seek for steps that left no trace behind,
It makes us hide in our hearts and steal the silence of the sky.
It gives us words to soothe the sea we locked inside and eyes to see the boats ahead of us,
It gives us answers and the moon to sweeten our truth.
It slips the fear in our plans and points us the end,
It slips the grief in our smiles and thorns to cut beginnings we once had.
It climbs the lad of our life and dwells to take the joy outside,
It climbs the way to…

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