In the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg…

My name is Mark Zuckerberg,
Computer programmer and internet entrepreneur,
And as many of you already knew,
Co-founder of Facebook.
Studied at Harvard university,
Lastly of course, a college drop out.
I see you students enjoy using me as example in your expository essays,
Especially for questions that sound like,
‘Education is necessary for success.’ Do you agree.
And my example, often got categorised to the opposing side,
Because the glaring juxtaposition of what I am today,
with the minute fact of my identity as a college drop out,
which is only a fraction of my climb up,
is a perfect argument to fill up the lines of your fool-scrap paper,
so that you can check off the requirements of a ‘counter view’ of an essay.
Together with me, usually comes along,
Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etcetera,
Who fit perfectly into the classification of
‘College drop outs who made it big.’
because what a surprise right,
that we,
all paralleled by our ‘college drop out’ experience,
who apparently are thus assumed as supposedly having lower intelligence,
succeeded in life by purely our passion and determination,
showing that, I quote,
‘Therefore, education is unnecessary for success.’.
I’m sorry.
Though I understand the desperate desire to finish school assignments quickly, but
By carelessly dropping us into this category,
is denying all the sleepless nights we spent,
under the dim glow of our lamplight in the darkness of our homes,
with our backs hunched over books as thick as dictionaries,
with our heads drooped and eyes scrutinising every word,
coffee at the side for emergency rescues of our tired eyes and unsteady head,
flashy highlighter in hand,
so striking it might just help us to stay awake.
By doing so is denying the stress that weighed on our shoulders,
as we count the days to the entry tests,
of Harvord or Stamford etcetera,
all the top universities that rank so far up the charts,
mirroring the distance of our dreams of entering that laid in front of us
for so many years that
we tried to trim away,
bit by bit.
By doing so is denying the happiness, and pride, that arise
from the one paper letter we received,
on a fine normal morning at our letterbox,
that titled ‘Letter of acceptance’.
The letter that we have kept to this day,
so many a years it had been secured in the ‘shelves of achievements’ in my home,
till the edges have turned brown,
as if coffee had stain it,
but coffee did not do this of course,
this stemed from the sweetness of relief and gladness we feel
as we receive that acceptance,
as the gravity that we have become too comfortable with,
released us so that we, can uplift ourselves.
Do not put me as a testament of the failure of education.
Education is what gave me the opportunity to see all the varieties,
giving me so much exposure,
and planting the fruit of self-confidence in my heart,
so that I will inherit the stubbornness of pursuing my queer dreams.
When I ‘drop-out’,
it was not an open defiance,
it was Education releasing me into the wilderness,
Like a mother bird releasing her nurtured child,
Into the endless lengths of the skies,
An act of hope and consentment.


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