Finding the way

When you sink into the turmoil of your soul,
When you drown in the interrogation of your mind,
When you replay your actions over and over again in your head,
When you silence yourself,
Walking down this lane with me,
I notice the distance you have meticulously articulated.
You have warned me of this,
You have seen it all coming,
Treating yourself like a grenade,
Creating a space of solitude,
Around your body,
So that when the time comes,
The casualty is you alone.
The Berlin wall your create between us,
Playing up an act of indifference,
As if one-word answers,
Will make me believe in the person you see yourself as.
Shutting yourself up,
Thinking it will make others’ lives better,
Let their fire in their soul burn brighter,
But I’m sorry to say,
Nothing will change,
Except you.
Fearing oblivion is a useless and destructive commitment, Because it is inevitable.
So I beg of you,
Please stop building a barricade over your voice.
Please stop seeing me as a responsibility You need to entertain.
Because everyday I see the birds wake up at dawn,
Chirping as they go about their daily errands,
Flying in flocks to bath themselves,
In the warm showers of sunlight.
I am still learning to notice such simplicities of grace,
And I hope you can walk along beside,
If you wish to,
Although I cannot garantee, With our current perplexities,
We can get there too soon.


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