Time slipping..

Time is a pressurising force,
that repeatedly calls for our attention.
But our response,
Is always a denial of its existence,
as if shoving it to the back of our minds,
will cause it to dissipate.
Time is a force to be reckon with.
It may unresistingly allow you to throw it in the trashcan,
or bury it under piles of dirt,
But there is something that we all fear about it,
that no matter how hard we try,
to blind its sight from our entity,
its haunting immortality,
constanly gnaws at our inner disharmony.
Tick Tock Tick Tock.
Time does not wait for anybody.
It rushes by,
never stopping to help those who fell,
or are lagging behind.
With hands cupped,
and fingers stuck closely to one another,
to seal the minute gaps,
we tried to stop the waters of time from dripping through.
But time is merciless,
it flows from the sides,
it seeks the tiniest holes of escape
from your pleading clutches.
And as you deliriously attempt to collect the falling droplets,
at the end of the day,
you are on your knees,
in an endless puddle of water,
impossible to comprehend.
Sometimes time is a glaring reflection
of our insignificance
in this big big world.
But perhaps why this very truth affects us,
is our humane ability to feel.
Feelings can be as irritating as the fly that buzz around your ears,
making you wish you can just snap out of it.
Other times you wish to empty yourself
so that you’d feel nothing.
But numbness and detachment are merely abandoning the empty giftbox of life that was entrusted to us.
The vulnerabilty we get from feeling,
is what urges us to share stories,
to connect,
and feel alive again.
I’ll say,
even though this world is made out of sugar,
that can crumble so easily,
never be afraid to stick out your tongue,
and taste it.

(I got the idea of the last stanza from one of my favourite spoken word poet, Sarah Kay’s poetry on TedTalks. And I decided to write a poem about time, is because I needed to sort of make sense of the frustration I always feel from the barrier in me that prevents me to do something that I needed to, and the time that constantly ticks away, reminding me of my state of unproductivity that always annoys me. )


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